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Know your parks.

Place AI measures all kinds of park use activities, from picnic to jogging, from joy to complaints. With AI and on the cloud, Place AI delivers the visitor volume counts, user behavior, and likes and dislikes of urban parks.

For park departments and urban planners, 

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Did you know citizens complain about their park visiting experience on social media?

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Place AI provides the one-of-a-kind dashboard that illustrate a wide range of park metrics that helps cities know how park visitors are perceiving, using, and complaining about parks, based on large-scale social media data and AI.

Place AI Cloud

Through a reasonable combination of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, we dig deep into the behavioral features and patterns of park users and calculates important metrics such as spatial preferences, behavior typologies, and hot spots. It automatically generates park usage reports and provides park insights for Park Departments.

Place AI Alert

By tapping into "active feedback data" such as user reviews and social media, we monitor the satisfaction of park use in real time and summarize the main areas of dissatisfaction and the reasons behind them (e.g., facilities, hygiene, management attitude, etc.). It helps park management to apply public investment more "smartly" to improve the quality of space and citizens' experience.


Inspired by the well-known and widely used GTFS data specification, we propose a general data specification for park management and urban planning: General Park Feed Specification (GPFS). GPFS includes cleaned and structured park characteristics information and aggregated and anonymous visitor patterns.

Check out a demo we built for the City of Tianjin, China

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